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Alive and Well



There is a difference between living and living well. Living well is about abundance and I'm not talking about your finances or other material possessions. Those things are important but abundance is about living authentically on your terms. Living abundantly happens when you are inspired to move from where you are to where you desire to be. You really can design and live a life that you love. If there is a burning inside that whispers, "There is something more." Abundance will start to happen when that inner flicker is ignited to a flame. If you are ready to move from talking about an abundant life to living abundantly let's partner to light your fire!                               

Alive and Well is a 4 week online Mastermind Group designed to help you identify what's holding you back. You will gain the tools necessary to design a life you love. You will be joined by a tribe of like-minded people where you will gain peer support to encourage your progress. You will have the guidance of a certified life coach to partner with you and the group for guidance, support and accountabilty.

If you are ready to:

  • discover what's holding you back from living your dream life
  • create a vision for a new you
  • get clear about your goals and your future
  • develop an action plan to achieve success

....then join me for this 4 session Mastermind Group that will move you from living to living well!

What you get:

  • Participation in class from anywhere in the world via an online platform
  • Activities and tools to help you conduct an honest self-assessment
  • Electronic worksheets to help you complete class exercises
  • Peer support from like minded people
  • Michele as your facilitator and coach
  • Limited class size ( 15 people per class)
  • A personalized plan at the completion of the class that will be your GPS to your dream life

Due to limited class size, class will fill up quickly so don't delay!


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Payment Options
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