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Joy for Life is about the realization that true inner peace and joy has nothing to do with happiness. True joy is found when one discovers why they were put on this earth and begins to walk purposefully in every area of life. Joy is about tapping into who you are spiritually and learning to live life intentionally.

At Joy for Life, the focus is on partnering with you to discover your God given purpose so that you can experience the joy that life has to offer no matter what challenges you may face.

A Michele Tedder

Author…Speaker…Life Coach…Relationship Expert… Michele is insightful, informative and impactful.
A professional life coach certified by the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, CA and a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Education, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience from the health and mental health arena . A former clinician and community wellness educator for UPMC, Michele is also certified as a facilitator by Prepare/Enrich, Life Innovations, Inc. and the Family Dynamics Institute. She is a site coordinator for Twogether Pittsburgh, a federally funded marriage education initiative serving Western Pennsylvania. Michele is the author of Don’t Let Grief Steal Your Joy, a spiritual self-help book, co-author of a marriage and family column in Northern Connections Magazine and is heard weekly on the Ask Michele segment of The Circuit With Valerie, Freedom Radio internet radio show originating from Atlanta, Georgia. A mother of three and wife of 27 years, she is the founder & CEO of Joy for Life, a life purpose, career and marriage and family coaching organization.

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